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Whiplash can occur from an auto accident or any other accident that causes you to have a mechanism that forces your neck into hyperextension immediately followed by a hyperflexion. This mechanism ultimately results in damage to the tendons, ligaments, and muscles to the body,  and especially these areas in the neck.  Since whiplash injures are extremely complicated each whiplash is taken into account and is treated specifically for the appropriate care to handle the injury. 

When a Whiplash injury has occured the healing process and treatment is catered to your specific injury. In most cases you aren't always looking forward and relaxed when the accident occurs. In some cases, you know its coming and have tensed your muscles, or you have turned to look at the other person in the car when the accident occurs. Each injury is specific to that person. 


Chiropractors can offer to relieve pain in the areas of your whiplash. This is done by performing a specific chiropractic adjustment (spinal manipulation) Where your joint is gently moved to encourage your body's natural healing process.

Once you are out of pain then the rehabilitation is started. This includes low-force modalities, muscle relaxation and muscle stimulation. The goal is to relieve the tension in the muscles while also stretching and strengthing the area of complaint to help support the Whiplash Injury.

After manipualtion is performed to reduce the pain, and after you have been rehabed from the initial injury than comes the part in your treatment plan where you go into a maintenance care. This type of care includes changing ergonomic and lifesyle changes while also doing exercises to prevent an exacerbation of your Whiplash Injury. 



Great Falls Chiropractor | Great Falls chiropractic Services |  MT |
Great Falls Chiropractor | Great Falls chiropractic Services |  MT |
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